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Publication Information

Publications can be added to a project by the PI or manager. Publications can be uploaded using a DOI number or they can be entered in manually. PIs and managers can remove publications they no longer wish to have on their project and export the full list or a selection of the publications to a CSV file. Center directors and system administrators are able to access the list of all publications added in ColdFront. The Center Summary contains summary information about the publications and is available to logged in as well as non-authenticated users.

Publication List

After clicking the 'Add Publication' button, enter the DOI number(s) in the search box and click the Search button. Multiple DOIs should be entered on separate lines.

Add Publication with DOI

To add the publication found, click the checkbox and then the "Add Selected Publications to Project" button.

Adding Publications Manually

After clicking the 'Add Publication' button on the Project Detail page, click the 'Enter publication manually' The PI/manager can then enter basic details about the publication: title, author, year, and journal name. These fields are all required. Once complete, click the 'Add Publication' button to add to the project.

Add Publication Manually

Deleting Publications

To remove a publication, click the 'Delete Publications' button and a list of all publications on the project will be displayed.

Delete Publications

No publications are selected by default. The user can individually select the publications to delete or click on the top checkbox to select them all. Once the 'Delete Selected Publications from Project' button is clicked, the publication(s) are removed. This can not be undone.

Exporting publications from a project

PIs and managers can export the full list, or a selected subset, of publications from the project. After clicking the "Export Publications" button, a list of all the publications are displayed. The full list is automatically selected. The user can uncheck the 'all' checkbox and select only those desired. After clicking the 'Export Selected Publications from Project' button, a CSV file is generated for download.

Export Publication List

Center Publications Summary

The Center Summary provides a graph of total publications entered into ColdFront by publication date. This chart is available to both logged in users and those not authenticated

Center Publication Summary

Viewing All Allocations - Center Staff

System administrators will be able to see all allocations. There are additional settings for center directors/administrators and those with 'staff status' enabled that you can add to allow them to view all allocations as well. See the documentation on director permissions and staff permissions for information on how to configure this.

System administrators can choose 'All Allocations' from the Admin menu. Staff and center directors can choose 'All Allocations' from the 'Staff' menu.

Center Publication Summary

The allocations search will allow you to filter on all possible allocation attributes, project information, username, type of resource or resource name, dates, and all allocation statuses. Enter the fields you want to search on and make sure to check 'Show all allocations' at the bottom before clicking the 'Search' button. If you don't, you'll only see allocations that your user account is a member of.

Allocation Search

In the resulting list, you can click on the allocation ID to bring you to the Allocation Detail page or you can click on the project name which will bring you to the Project Detail page.